We formally launched our No Puppies for Hussies FREE spay and neuter project in May 2016. Since that time we have altered hundreds of dogs from 5 Northern California counties, and have helped finance procedures for dogs as far away as Texas and NYC. 

No Puppies for Hussies

Additional Information

We are in a crisis. There are millions of healthy animals euthanized each year in the United States. That is unacceptable. We launched No Puppies for Hussies FREE spay and neuter project as our local grassroots response to the pet overpopulation problem. We cannot adopt our way out of this mess. There are simply too many animals and not enough homes.

Our program is different. We do not create any obstacles to anyone that needs our services. We do not have any income or breed restrictions. We care about one thing, altering intact dogs. Dogs in our program also get vaccines, and microchips totally free of charge as well. We take away the excuses and get things done. Every dog we alter is one less litter of puppies. Every dog we microchip is a dog that gets home to their owners quickly and is not in the shelter.

Our small, but mighty organization has altered, vaccinated, and microchipped hundreds of dogs covering 5 counties in Northern California. We offer our services multiples times throughout the year as funds allow. We have teamed up with the amazing Dr. Rich Thornburgh and his clinic, Valley Oak vet to provide these essential services.

Together we WILL make a difference.